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21. Atlanta. Lesbian. Borderline. Gryffindor/Hufflepuff. Cancer, as in the zodiac, not the disease. But please, these are just pieces. I am completely in love with words, each and every and all of them. and I do my absolute best to combine them in the prettiest ways possible, and as you can tell, excessively. I also really fucking love Harry Potter, Taylor Swift, Tegan & Sara, Paramore, Grey's Anatomy, John Green, Netflix, an endless amount of books and movies and tv shows that I could never fit the entire list of on here, the Sims, girls, cuddling, cuddling with girls, baseball, bedrooms, pigs, the color orange, clothes, photographs, post cards, airplanes, swingsets, stars, the ocean, sunsets, and cityscapes. On the other side, there's nothing that I hate more, and that I absolutely cannot live with, more than injustice. I care about human rights, animal rights, the basically, everything. I care about everything. Oh the way, I'm Kelly and I get lost sometimes. Welcome to my human experience. Or something. Whatever.

P.S. my face page is at the very bottom, in case you just have to know what I look like.

"Dont ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody." -H.C.

"We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, Harry, but battle on." -A.P.W.B.D.



Saturday morning cartoons
By Cameron

literally me

ohmygod, this is my whole life.



Saturday morning cartoons

By Cameron

literally me

ohmygod, this is my whole life.

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bro, girls in boxers is THE HOTTEST THING EVER

bro, girls in boxers is THE HOTTEST THING EVER

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You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain

Miyamoto Musashi 

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It’s very important that people see this

Very very important

this is my favorite thing

hahaha this is the most wonderfully cute thing ever. i dont see how people can say dogs dont have feelings when they clearly experience guilt/shame/remorse. how can you ever even be mad at them though, with faces like that?!? >_<

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what if the bible was just a popular book and the fan base got out of control

what do you mean ‘what if’

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You live in Atlanta? Me too! Ever been to MSR?


I do, I do. Or well, I live semi-close to it. But I go to school there and I’m there mostly everyday, so yeah. That’s cool, that’s cool. Our city kinda sucks. I wish I could answer this but I have no idea what MSR is…? =0


well that escalated at a perfectly acceptable speed. 

oh my motherfucking god, you can never have too much topless E page on your blog. ugh.

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ok so I remembered april 15th for the eclipse

i swear i did

except ive been in my own personal hell the past two days so i was too distracted to notice

and i thought it was gonna be april 15th NIGHT

not fucking april 14th night and the 15th MORNING

jesus h, why cant people be specific.

so, my life sucks. AND i missed the eclipse. woo. hoo.

i miss out on fucking everything. thanks a ton, you stupid sadness.

p.s., remember four years ago when i drove to your house (and how that was the literal ONLY time you let me come over bc you didnt want your mom to know you were mine, and you had weird embarrassment over your room/house, like i would ever care about that trivial shit. remember how that’s the only time you let me and now, i cant even remember why. but you stayed on the phone with me the whole time to make sure i got there, to make sure i could find you. remember how many times you said the four way stop, just to mess with me. and over the bridge, i remember. remember how you met me at my car bc apparently i wasnt deserving enough to see the inside of your life like that. but remember how after everything fell, you let your boyfriend come over all the time. but never me, remember? i know how you remember) and i couldnt go inside and you said it was because of your dogs and i knew how you were so i knew not to push it. so, i didnt. remember how we just decided to sit in the back of your Escape with your cozy comforter and you put the seats down and we could see how bright the stars were, remember how we promised to stay awake long enough to see it happen. remember how into stars we were, and sunsets and sunrises, and the waxing and the waning, dont you remember your astronomy lesson? and i cant remember anything you said but we kissed alot when you thought your mom had gone to bed and the windows got all steamy and on it you wrote “happy four months i love you” but later remember it was really only three months, but it was still the day and that was still significant. lunar eclipse dates are cool, right? remember how you kept looking up to make sure she wasnt coming and when she did you jumped up and off of me and you sat there like you werent gay at all and i wasnt even yours and remember she said to come inside and get her when it happened because she wanted to see. and i cant remember if you came back over to me or what happened after it started, and finished, and where i ended up sleeping that night. but i remember the red. how pretty was the red? and i remember your moms face. she knew, i know she knew. you know she knew, why couldnt you just say it. god, i wish you wouldve just said it.

i missed it today.

but, at least i got to see it. once.

maybe i didnt wanna see it without you anyway. maybe im not ever supposed to. not again. i hope you saw it. but i hope you didnt see it with him. he didnt appreciate the sky, did he? not like me. not like you. i hope you still care about the stars and the way the sun rises and falls. i hope you remember your waxing and wanings. i dont know anything else, but i hope you dont forget that red.