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21. Atlanta. Lesbian. Borderline. Gryffindor/Hufflepuff. Cancer, as in the zodiac, not the disease. But please, these are just pieces. I am completely in love with words, each and every and all of them. and I do my absolute best to combine them in the prettiest ways possible, and as you can tell, excessively. I also really fucking love Harry Potter, Taylor Swift, Tegan & Sara, Paramore, Grey's Anatomy, John Green, Netflix, an endless amount of books and movies and tv shows that I could never fit the entire list of on here, the Sims, girls, cuddling, cuddling with girls, baseball, bedrooms, pigs, the color orange, clothes, photographs, post cards, airplanes, swingsets, stars, the ocean, sunsets, and cityscapes. On the other hand, there's nothing that I hate, and that I absolutely cannot live with, more than injustice. I care about human rights, animal rights, the basically, everything. I care about everything. And that's all you need to know. Oh the way, I'm Kelly and I get lost sometimes. Welcome to my human experience. Or something. Whatever.

P.S. my face page is at the very bottom, in case you just have to know what I look like.

"Dont ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody." -H.C.

"We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, Harry, but battle on." -A.P.W.B.D.

EASTER, 4/20/2014

Today. was just fucking weird. Man, I dont even feel like discussing it alright. It’s just too much. It wasnt necessarily bad, or even really good. I dont know what it was. There were a few key moments where I was getting upset but didnt, I mean I dont know, I stopped myself somehow (mostly probably because i was talking to this super fucking adorable girl who lives super fucking way the hell away from me all day and cute girls always calm me down) but I let them fucking have it and usually I dont so then I’m just blow up about it later. I just need to be more honest, is what it is. but, I started shit on facebook cause I’m mad at the entire world and god, its just so much fun. it’s sick that i get that much pleasure out of it, I know, I need to stay away. I needed to come home. and by home, i mean tumblr. =]  and so anyway, I wrote half of this thing this morning and then i wrote the other part like…right now. i mean, a minute ago. and i dont know. it only makes sense in my head and in my childhood and im being kind of outrageous and crazy bpd-y right now but whatever. my shit never makes sense anyway. just keep it. okay? i cant hold it.

hey look, I wrote a poem in 3 minutes. this morning. before they got here.
whats up, free verse? i still have skills.
and I dont care that you dont get it. I get it. Trust me, I got it.

two of them are dead.
one has been taken by divorce,
which in turn,
has left another to leave by choice.
one is too young. another is much younger.
one has gotten out and made her own. one is just too sad.
maybe just too old, we’re too tired.
one is too busy. one is just oblivious.
one of them is all wrong. one just doesnt fit.
one is just controlled. one of them is dreaming.
one of them is different, one is not the same.
some of them, and different names, i never even knew.
most of them are long gone, most of them have always been.
and the rest, the rest of them cant be bothered to care at all.
Is this what you call a family?
Is this what you call a family?
Are you sure?
Absolutely certain?
Family means
No more laughs and wrestles and where have you been, kid.
What’s happened to toothless grins and school’s going just fine.
Have you met my friend?
What’s become of old toys, and grass stomped dead underneath feet with back and forth play.
How old are you today? Whats your favorite color now?
Where’s it gone, nights with sleepovers and how do I work this shower
Are we still best buds? Please say it, you’re my best buddy. My best.
What’s happened to did you see my new shirt, what kind of presents did you get, how long til I see you again, friend. Just how long has it been?
Maybe I cant count that high. Not yet. No, not this time.
No more pull my finger, and stolen bread, hidden eggs, WHERE IS HE?!
Where are they.
I don’t know,
it doesn’t feel the same.
Is this what we call family?

*p.s., I might edit this later because I always change shit around in my writing once ive calmed down and the days have moved

-i had sleeping with sirens stuck in my head all fucking day

-i feel like ive lost something vitally, critically, fucking important and i dont know what to do with it

-how in the shit am i supposed to breathe without them?

-i was thinking of back when we were kids and he used to chase me around. back when we would fight over who got the best easter eggs, with the money my grandpa would hide inside. it always comes right smack fucking back to him. i miss him something awful. goddamn him.



He has Monsters inc. on his shirt.

She has Nemo on her dress.

OHMYGOD where did this even come from



He has Monsters inc. on his shirt.

She has Nemo on her dress.

OHMYGOD where did this even come from

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Saturday morning cartoons
By Cameron

literally me

ohmygod, this is my whole life.



Saturday morning cartoons

By Cameron

literally me

ohmygod, this is my whole life.

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bro, girls in boxers is THE HOTTEST THING EVER

bro, girls in boxers is THE HOTTEST THING EVER

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You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain

Miyamoto Musashi 

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It’s very important that people see this

Very very important

this is my favorite thing

hahaha this is the most wonderfully cute thing ever. i dont see how people can say dogs dont have feelings when they clearly experience guilt/shame/remorse. how can you ever even be mad at them though, with faces like that?!? >_<

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what if the bible was just a popular book and the fan base got out of control

what do you mean ‘what if’

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You live in Atlanta? Me too! Ever been to MSR?


I do, I do. Or well, I live semi-close to it. But I go to school there and I’m there mostly everyday, so yeah. That’s cool, that’s cool. Our city kinda sucks. I wish I could answer this but I have no idea what MSR is…? =0